Now Is the Time: How Cultivating a Healthier Lifestyle Today Supports Lifelong Wellness

Now Is the Time: How Cultivating a Healthier Lifestyle Today Supports Lifelong Wellness

The state of health in the United States is alarming. For example, more than 42% of the population has obesity and 6 out of 10 Americans have at least one chronic disease.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of these numbers, any steps that you take toward reversing them are steps that will serve you well for the rest of your long life.

If taking charge of your health is one of your goals this year, Dr. Dana J. Rockey and the teams at South County Sleep Solutions and Prescott Sleep Solutions can help.

A personal mission

It’s all well and good for a healthcare provider to tell you to exercise more, lose weight, and get healthy, but these are just words. Dr. Rockey is a provider who has taken the journey himself — he adopted a healthier lifestyle and lost 50 pounds and replaced most of his medications with good nutrition and exercise.

As a result of this transformative effort, Dr. Rockey believes in promoting wellness among our patients to help improve their sleep and their lives.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Did you know that 90% of heart disease is preventable? Or that you can reverse a prediabetes diagnosis? Whether prevention or better management of existing health conditions is your goal, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are almost without limit.

While the examples above are compelling, let’s take a look at some more. If you find that you’re in a good deal of discomfort most days, losing weight and improving your nutrition can better control system-wide inflammation in your body, which leads to less pain. Not to mention, adding exercise can help strengthen your body against pain.

Or, more specific to our practice, losing weight can help treat sleep apnea, which allows you to get the restorative sleep you need. The benefits of good sleep affect every area of your body, including brain function and physical wellness.

The road to a healthy lifestyle

As we said, overhauling your health might seem daunting, but not if you have the right team and resources in your corner. At our practice, we offer several healthy lifestyle programs, such as our LEAN programs, which stand for lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition.

By tackling each of these areas, we show you how you can eat your way to better health, exercise for energy and strength, and reduce stress so you have far less anxiety in your life.

We tailor the LEAN program to your specific needs, whether you’re pregnant or you’re trying to get the whole family healthy, including your kids.

In addition, we also offer workplace wellness programs for companies of 10 or more people. In cultivating a healthy lifestyle among your workforce, you can increase productivity and satisfaction.

Each of these programs provides you with the tools, resources, and oversight you need to make changes that will support better health and wellness long into the future.

To learn more about achieving lifetime wellness this year, and beyond, please call us today at 949-558-0554 in Newport Beach, California, or 928-235-6925 in Prescott, Arizona. Or, you can send an email through our contact page to reach us.

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