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What Triggers Make Me More at Risk for Sleep Apnea?

Behind the epidemic of diseases like Alzheimer’s and obesity that plague our modern society lies another epidemic: It’s an epidemic of sleeplessness caused by everything from overwork to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has lifestyle-related triggers.

Sep 8th, 2021
The Dangers of Having Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Sleep-disordered breathing sounds serious, and it is. But one of its hallmarks — snoring — doesn’t sound “serious” at all. Make no mistake: Snoring is serious, too. Here’s what happens when you don’t breathe well when you’re supposed to be asleep.

Aug 23rd, 2021
Five Health Benefits of Getting More Sleep

If you believe that sleep is a waste of eight hours a day, you might want to re-think that opinion and add restorative rest to your health tool kit. Sleep, in fact, is a simple hack that improves every aspect of your life.

Jul 14th, 2021
How Workplace Wellness Improves Productivity

When your brain’s fired up and your body’s energized, it’s easier to focus, solve problems, and get the job done in record time. Wouldn’t you like a whole staff that operates in that kind of optimized state? Welcome to Workplace Wellness Solutions.

Jul 1st, 2021
How Regular Exercise Can Overhaul Your Health

If you’re looking for one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and powerful hacks to completely overhaul your health, look no further than exercise. Moving your body regularly is almost as important as getting enough sleep. Here’s why.

May 4th, 2021
Are You Groggy All Day? It Could Be Sleep Apnea

You get about 7-9 hours of sleep, as recommended. But you still feel like…. well, less than optimal. If you’re groggy and slow throughout your day, you might not be sleeping as well or as much as you think. You might have sleep apnea.

Apr 20th, 2021
Make These Simple Diet Choices and You'll Feel Much Healthier

If you feel sluggish and can’t lose those last pounds, you might not be eating too much. You might just be eating the wrong foods. Poor food choices load you with calories without supplying nutrients. Change your diet, and you change how you feel.

Mar 1st, 2021
Complications of Sleep Apnea

If you think snoring and sleep apnea are minor annoyances without serious repercussions, think again. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to life-threatening complications. Sleep apnea also compromises your ability to function optimally.

Feb 1st, 2021
Take Charge of Your Health This Year Through Nutrition

If you could make only one New Year’s resolution, it should be to optimize your health through good nutrition. Our cells need macronutrients and micronutrients to thrive. If you want to be fit and healthy for life, nutrition is where you start.

Jan 14th, 2021
The Connection Between Teeth Grinding and a TMJ Disorder

Your jaw hurts. Why? You don’t clench your jaw, talk up a storm, or chew wads of gum all day. While your daytime habits might not cause your TMJ disorder, your nighttime habits could. You might grind your teeth as you sleep.

Dec 15th, 2020
Diabetes and Your Dental Health

Each organ and system in your body affects how well your entire body functions and feels. If you have diabetes, you may think your condition is all about your blood sugar. It’s not. It’s about your teeth and overall health, too.

Oct 9th, 2020
Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

You’re tired of being tired. You suspect that you have sleep apnea, but you dread the thought of using a CPAP machine or undergoing surgery. Good news: Easy, non-surgical treatments for sleep apnea work as well or better than both of those options.

Sep 23rd, 2020