How Workplace Wellness Improves Productivity

You may not have given much thought to how the health of your team members affects your business. Sure, you’d rather that they were healthy and used their sick days for vacations and retreats instead of hibernating in their homes, suffering from the flu. 

Since everyone’s working from home, they may not be heading to the gym. Some people may have developed unhealthy eating habits that make them feel groggy or unfocused. You may even be noticing a difference in their moods and productivity in your Zoom meetings.

Being healthy means more than the absence of sickness. It means the presence of wellness, a state in which your body and brain function easily and optimally.

Dana J. Rockey, DMD is our highly skilled integrative medical professional who offers a unique program called Workplace Wellness Solutions. Your team of 10 or more members learns how to reach peak levels of health and performance at South County Sleep Solutions in Newport Beach, California. 

Why are healthy team members a good business investment? We’re glad you asked.

Brains need the right fuel

The Standard American Diet emphasizes high-carbohydrate foods while minimizing dietary fat. Unfortunately, that advice — however well-intentioned — has contributed to the current obesity crisis in our country. Low-fat foods tend to be high in sugar, which damages blood vessels and leads to conditions such as diabetes as well as brain fog.

When you feed your body whole-food sources of low-sugar carbohydrates, such as vegetables, berries, and whole grains, the glucose is released more slowly, so you don’t get damaging surges of sugar. Your brain, ironically, needs fat, too. As with carbs, the fat must be high quality. 

Your brain and neurons also need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, strong, and focused. Dr. Rockey recommends foods that provide omega-3 fats and are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants.

These foods include:

In addition to adding wild-caught, fatty fish such as salmon into your diet, like Dr. Rockey may recommend a high-quality fish or krill oil supplement. He makes adjustments to each team member’s diet and supplement regimen, based on their individual needs and blood tests. 

Once you have employees who regularly consume brain-feeding foods, you’ll notice the difference. Staying on a brain-healthy diet also helps you and your team members avoid age-related cognitive decline.

Exercise gives you energy

Exercise isn’t always comfortable, but it’s always necessary. Our bodies evolved to move. When we exercise, our bodies release chemicals and hormones, such as endorphins, that improve our mood and boost our focus. Exercise simply must be a part of anyone’s healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Rockey works with your team to design exercise routines that fit the parameters of their lifestyles, while encouraging them to expand their boundaries. He also encourages workout partners and groups to help team members stay motivated and interested. 

He also encourages you to give your team members frequent breaks from their laptops and other communication devices. He’s 100% on board with recommendations from the American Heart Association and other medical professionals to take a 10-minute walking and stretching break every 20 minutes. 

Since exercise and a healthy diet also lower the risk for chronic disease, such as diabetes and arthritis, your Workplace Wellness program creates a team of people who will stay healthier and fitter for life. 

You’re in it together

One of the most important aspects of enrolling your team in Workplace Wellness Solutions is that it’s a camaraderie-building activity that benefits each individual member as well as the group as a whole. Watching everyone else’s health, energy, stamina, and focus improve is inspiring and helps individuals stay motivated to stick to the plan.

Your team members also appreciate that you’re looking out for their individual and collective health. Now, more than ever, we all have to stay healthy. Knowing that your company is looking out for you builds confidence, trust, and loyalty, too.

To find out more about how to set up a Workplace Wellness Solutions consultation for your team, use our convenient online booking form or call our office at 949-642-4632.

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